Ownership Opportunities

Whole or fractional villa ownership opportunities are available at The Nature Sanctuary. Villas are designed with 1 bedroom/ 1 bath, 2 bedroom/ 2 bath and 3 bedroom/ 3 bath floor plans. Villas will be constructed. All villas come fully equipped and completely furnished. The resort development is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2011 with approximately 30-40% of the villas completed and all resort amenities operational.

Fractional Ownership Overview

Fractional ownership allows owners to enjoy all the benefits of owning a world-class, fully furnished luxury second home at a fraction of the price. Each fractional owner (1/10 - 1/2) is allocated usage based on fraction purchased.

Fractional owners enjoy usage rights typically associated with owning their own second home, and a dedicated management company lifts the burden of maintenance and management for your villa.Fractional owners can enjoy 5 - 25 weeks free personal use and may also participate in the rental program.The rental program allowshomeowners the opportunity to receive rental income for their pro-rata share.

All maintenance and management costs are shared between the fractional owners. Fractional ownership combines the comfort and convenience of owning your own luxury second or vacation home with the benefits of a 5-Star hotel.

Why Fractional?

  • Fractional ownership gives you a direct investment into the leisure property market.

  • Unlike timeshare, fractional ownership is an asset on your balance sheet.

  • The burdens of the day-to-day management are being taken care of by a managing agent.

  • The day-to-day operating costs are being shared between the fractional owners.

  • Fractional owners can choose to rent out their allocated weeks.

  • Resale of your share is simple.

  • A hassle-free and affordable way to own a luxury island villa!

  • Own the right amount of holiday time priced at the right amount!